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Monday, March 1, 2010

HELP - Where to Buy Craft Beer?

HELP - I am living in the great craft beer void!
Spread the word and start mapping the best stores for craft beers.

Ok, the beer books are stacked up on the living room side table. My first read on the subject of beer was “The Naked Pint”. This well written tale of all things beer was a thirst inducer. So after making it through the chapter titled “The Neophyte”, I was totally pumped to start my tasting. I made a shopping list of all the beers in this chapter and the one’s mentioned in the previous chapter and headed off to the local stores. My excitement was quickly dashed as I was unable to locate most of the items on my list. Needless to say, finding the beers listed in the book “He Said Beer, She Said Wine” will be even more challenging.

Of the first 65 beers listed in “The Naked Pint”, I have been able to locate locally (within 15 miles) only 8. And those 8 were:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Anchor Steam
Pilsner Urquell
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Fat Tire Amber Ale
Alaskan Amber

So what is a girl to do? Well I am trying as many of the other craft beers available here.. And I will soon be making a buying trip to the nearest “big city” of San Luis Obispo and hitting the BevMo. I am afraid this is my only option unless I order them from one of the internet purveyors. Thank god we are brewing our own.

So I have created a new Google Map to help everyone locate beers. I know all of you enjoy spreading the word. if you are a consumer or retailer, Please put your favorite shopping spots on the map.

Buy Craft Beer Map

If you prefer, you can comment below.
List the beers readily available in your area that you would recommend for the newcomer to craft beers. List beers, your city and the place you purchase the items. Keep in mind that I am looking for the following categories for this month:
Helles and Blonds
American Wheat Beer
“Fruity” Wheat Beers
Steam Beer
THANKS for your help!